Access thru Pool Fences at community facilities.

  • July 27, 2011
  • Bruce Bromley

I see it time and time again where Pool Fences are provided at Child Care Centres, MCHC Centres, Neighbourhood houses etc access is restricted for people with a disability or short statured.

Child Proof and People with a Disability Proof Fence ACLatch

Whilst child safety MUST always take precedence over accessibility, a solution for people in chairs or are short has been to use a stick or a piece of coat hanger.

Finally there is a solution. the ACLATCH or Accessible Childproof latch system.

Accessible lock for Childproof Gates and pool fences, disabled ACLatch

Neville Brown was diagnosed with MS a number of years ago and is now in a wheelchair, he regularly encountered such barriers and developed the ACLATCH.

ACLatch provides a unique solution to this problem. It operates with the Magnalatch range, providing an alternate base unit that includes a locked release. This then allows a secure release at a lower height, so the gate can be both child-safe and with access to anyone in a wheelchair. All without requiring special construction or the provision of power.

ACLatch can be fitted in a few minutes. Swapping left to right opening gates takes less than 10 minutes.

The unit is coloured blue as per typical wheelchair access signs. In this way, the latch itself becomes signage. Someone requiring special access can look at gates, if the gate has a blue latch, it is accessible.