Churchill Consulting Suites – Dandenong Valley Hospital

  • March 22, 2008
  • Bruce Bromley

I recently had to attend the Physios at the above location and was surprised to see the amount of issues.This is especially concerning considering the range of people that attend this facility incluing people that are inferm due to illness, the elderly, people with physical impairment.
Handrails are not continuous.
Handrail extention at bottom incorrect.
TGSIs not installed.
Contrasting stair nosings not installed.
Handrail at rain at top not installed.
Insufficient contrast with TGSIs
Contrasting stair nosings not installed.
TGSIs incorrectly place and insufficient
Lack of directional TGSIs cause confusion.
I dont understand what these TGSIs are for. The just cause confusion.

TGSIs incorrectly placed.
Handrails (both sides) not provided.
Kerb rails not provided.
Curved sections of ramp are not level.