Gender Neutral Toilet Signs For Sale

Our Gender Neutral signs are easy to install and are made from quality, durable materials. They feature both text and visual imagery and include Braille and tactile characters. Our signs provide clear guidance on the location of your evacuation tools, ensuring they can be quickly found and used when needed in an emergency.

These Silver Stock Braille Tactile Signs are made from UV stable acrylic. Each sign comes fitted with double-sided tape for easy self-installation. All our signs are compliant with the current BCA Specification D3.6 & Australian Standard AS 1428.1:2009.

Price per sign $60 incl Postage

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Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Ambulant Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Ambulant Toilet Sign

Accessible RH Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Accessible RH Toilet Sign

Accessible LH Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Accessible LH Toilet Sign

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