Disabled people deserve access

  • April 30, 2008
  • Bruce Bromley

St. Petersburg, Times

Kudos to Allen Fox! How can you even hint at abuse with what he is doing? If the merchants and providers would abide by the rules of the Americans With Disabilities Act, then there would be fewer lucrative cases for attorneys.

You cannot know the frustrations disabled people face unless you are one. Try navigating an aisle full of extra counters and promotional items. Try going through a door to reach a restroom, when the door is too narrow for the wheelchair, then maybe squeezing through only to find the restroom isn’t wheelchair accessible!

Try shopping in a wheelchair only to find that an entire section of a store is out of reach because the aisles around it are filled with “impulse” items. Think about trying to shop at a furniture store when half of the stock is on the second floor and the only access to it is a metal staircase! Think of even trying to get into the furniture store in the first place when there is no automatic door and the walkway slants upward!

I’d like to see all those lawyers put out of business because no one had cause for complaint, because all the store and office managers made sure those of us who require wheelchairs have full access.

We are by no means “second-class citizens.” Whatever misfortune has lessened our mobility is a cross for us to bear. Do you know how much heavier that cross becomes when the thoughtlessness of others prevents us from doing those same things the fully able people can do?