Hamilton Island Path and Accessways for People with Disability

  • March 31, 2010
  • Bruce Bromley

What is an Accessible Path of Travel?

The Australian Human Rights Commission defines a continuous accessible path of travel as an uninterrupted route to or within premises or buildings, and providing access to all services and facilities. It should not incorporate any step, stairway, turnstile, revolving door, escalator, hazard or other impediment that would prevent it from being safely negotiated by people with disabilities.

At Hamilton Island this piece of legislation as well as People with a Disability have been sucessfully ignored

What does the Building Code of Australia require

D3.2  General building access requirements
(a) Buildings must be accessible as required by Table D3.2.
(b) Parts of buildings required to be accessible must comply with this Part and AS 1428.1.
(c) External access to a building required to be accessible must be in accordance with this Part and AS 1428.1, and must be provided—
(i) from the allotment boundary at the main points of entry; and
(ii)from any accessible carparking space on the allotment in accordance with D3.5; and
(iii) from any adjacent and associated accessible building on the allotment; and
(iv) through the principal public entrance.

Disabled Access Hamilton Island  People with a Disability Access Hamilton Island

Disabled Access Hamilton Island

Kerb/ Step ramps have not been provided throughout the resort.
My Wife noticed this from the position as a Mum pushing a pusher around continually facing barriers.

Good physical access is not not a benifit for people with a disability. It has a flow on affect for parents with prams, push bike users, the elderly etc.

Disabled Access Hamilton Island
Typical footpath access point, this type of kerb is common throughout the resort.

Disabled Access Hamilton Island golf cart parking
An amusing Accessible Buggy parking space, it’s just a pity they do not have accessible buggies and a complying path of travel from the parking space to the footpath.

Non compliant step ramp
A non complying step ramp in Front Street, Marina side.

Non accessible streetscape  No accessible path of travel
No accessible paths of travel available.

Poor quality accessible paths of travel
Excessive crossfall on path of travel making it inaccessible.

Pedestrian crossings without kerb ramps and TGSIs
No kerb ramps to footpaths.

Excessively steep access ramps
Inaccessible access to mini golf and course is not accessible.

Public Ammenities

No accessible public amenities  Stairs to amenities
No accessible toilet facilities on the main street.