Hamilton Island Resort Centre Access for People with Disability

  • March 31, 2010
  • Bruce Bromley

Keywords – Hamilton Island Disability Disabled Accessible Access Wheelchair

Want to access the main Resort Centre, Sails Restaurant and you have a Mobility Impairment/ Disability

You Can’t! BUT it gets  a lot worse.

How do you get into the centre?

Entry stair access
On arrival at the centre people with a disability are faced with a large staircase. There is no signage advising of alternative entries.

There however is an alternative entry as per following.

Wheelchair accessible entry that is not  Confusing wayfinding signage

The only nominated access point is via a service entry located a significant distance away from the main entry.
It also requires traversing a very long steep ramp that is non complient. It is also an issue that this path of travel is not covered.

How can someone with a Mobility Impairment/ Disability get to the Reception Desk?

Short Answer = YOU CAN’T!

Poor vision contrast
View from where alternate entry brings the Person with a Disability

Non compliant stairs without handrails and TGSIs
View from the main concourse towards the Reception.

How can someone with a Mobility Impairment/ Disability get to the Restaurant?

Again the short answer is You Can’t!

No access between parts of buildings
View from the main Concourse (Reception behind) 

Non compliant access ramp
Restaurant access from the pool area again a non accessible ramp is presented to people with a disability.
Access from the reception is again not covered.