Improving local neighbourhoods for older people UK

  • May 24, 2008
  • Bruce Bromley

Help the Aged has highlighted that older people are increasingly facing difficulties accessing services within their local neighbourhood. In response to this, the charity has identified ten aspects of local life that need to be examined to help tackle this social exclusion. These categories form the backbone of the Common Ground Agenda:


  • Lifetime Homes
  • transport for all
  • state of pavements
  • public toilets
  • public seating
  • safety, security and cleanliness of streets
  • basic amenities within reasonable reach
  • places to meet and spend time
  • information and advice • older people’s voices heard

The Towards Common Ground report expands on each of these aspects, investigating the ways in which they have an impact on older people’s lives. Within each topic, the report calls on specific public, private and voluntary organisations to help instigate change and reduce exclusion. Help the Aged will campaign for each of these points over the coming months.