New Disability Access Standards

  • December 19, 2009
  • Bruce Bromley

We have just received copies of the following updated Australian Standards relating to disability.
 Released December 2009

  • AS 1428.1—2009   Design for access and mobility
    Part 1: General requirements for access—New building work
  • AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009  Design for access and mobility
    Part 4.1: Means to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment— Tactile ground surface indicators
  • AS/NZS 2890.6:2009   Parking facilities
    Part 6: Off-street parking for people with disabilities

Expected February 2009-12-09

  • AS 3745—2009  Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

 How do these new standards affect us?

The recently released AS2890.6 (2009), AS1428.1 (2009) and AS1428.4 (2009)will not be referenced under the BCA until 2011, as they are associated with the Premises Standard. They are still waiting for final confirmation and release of this document; all have missed the Regulation Impact Statements for BCA 2010.
As they have not been referenced in the BCA they are not law however they should be viewed as “Current Best Practice”. This however may create a problem for Building Surveyors, they may require alternative solutions to the current deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA.As Access Consultants it is our opinion these new standards are the intention for “compliance” with the DDA and should be considered for current projects.Where can I obtain copies of the standard?

As the standards are Copyright we are unable to issue copies. They can be purchased from SAI Global via our website Due to the extent of changes and confusion these new standards will produce we have set up a section of our Blog called “New 2009 Disability Standards”. I will be posting as regularly as I can discussing the standards content and how they change from the currents standards.