Review call on access

  • April 17, 2009
  • Bruce Bromley


At his local Shopping Centre, Mr Blewitt is unable to shut the door when visiting conveniences.

“I don’t expect them to change (existing toilets),” he said.

“I just want to make the powers aware that there are a lot more people like me who are using scooters these days.”

Mr Blewitt hopes those who set the standards will review the situation and take not only wheelchairs but mobility scooters into consideration.

A spokesman for Brisbane City Council said the issue of disability toilet access was hotly debated, not by council, but in the Australian Building Codes Board’s Building Access and Policy Committee. The spokesman said council was aware there was a draft proposal at Standards Australia to increase the floor area from 2000 x 1600mm to 2300 x 1900mm.

If adopted, this would no doubt be incorporated into the Building Code, the spokesman said.

Private building certifiers are responsible for ensuring that disabled toilets comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Council is able to investigate where there is a breach of the Australian Standards and take action to enforce compliance with the relevant standard.