A New Inclusive ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilet Sign

  • July 1, 2024
  • Cynthia Ces

Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

A question we have received a number of times within our practice is the provision of and identification of ‘Gender Neutral’ toilets.

Upon researching signage options we were dismayed at the various designs currently being used. For this reason, we decided we would develop our own.

The best way to remove gender from a toilet sign is not to mention it including the term gender-neutral

More information within the below two recent blog posts:

The following explains why we have taken the design approach we have.

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Gender Neutral Toilet Signs by Equal Access

In developing the design for ‘Gender Neutral’ toilet signage our aim was to develop a sign that was clear and easy to understand for everyone, whilst avoiding the perceived stigma associated with the facility by classifying it as non-gender specific and hence being inclusive for all.

We have created two toilet signs without using the words ‘Gender Neutral’. In fact, the signage does not nominate any gender or have any other gender identifying features. It simply classifies the facility as a toilet.

We believe using wording such as ‘Gender Neutral’ on the signs alters the intent of what the signage needs to achieve: inclusiveness of all people, regardless of whether they associate with a gender.

The signs simply state ‘Toilet’ or ‘Ambulant Toilet

The pictograms are for the standard ‘Gender Neutral’ toilet and the addition of stylised crutches defines a ‘Gender Neutral Ambulant’ toilet.

Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Ambulant Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Ambulant Toilet Sign

Accessible Gender Neutral Toilet Sign

Gender Neutral Accessible Toilet Sign