Attention Building Surveyors, Architects or OTs – looking for a career change?


Are you passionate about access for people with disability and looking to furthering your career into disability access consulting?

Do you have a background in Building Surveying, Building Design or Occupational Therapy?

We offer a flexible and friendly working environment and a generous salary package commensurate with your background and experience. We also provide you with training opportunities as part of our continuing professional development program. We will recognise your achievements and your efforts to continually improve.

Equal Access currently has eight access consultants plus administrative staff and are passionate about ensuring that people with disability are given the same opportunity to access the built environment through “Universal Design” principles.

Equal Access is a leading disability access consultancy based in Clayton (near Monash University), Victoria. Our staff are registered with the Association of Consultants in Access Australia Inc (ACAA) and provide a specialist consulting service throughout Australia and overseas to enhance the built environment and to provide “Equal Access” for members of the community with disability.

We consult on a wide range of projects including commercial, retail, industrial, residential, public transport, educational and government projects.

The tasks for this role include:

  • Onsite access audits and appraisals of the built environment;
  • Desktop reviews of design documents for proposed building works;
  • Preparation of other related disability access reports, such as ‘Performance Solution’ reports, professional opinions, etc

Critical aspects of the role include being highly motivated and organised, able to effectively liaise with clients and possessing excellent communication skills.

We’re specialists in our field. Our staff has the skills, experience and resourcefulness to realise opportunities, respond to project challenges and add value to clients’ needs. The teamwork, enthusiasm and professional expertise of our staff ensure that we deliver projects and services that consistently match or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We are committed to attracting and retaining quality people. When you work with us, you can contribute to high-profile projects and work alongside some of the industry’s best talent. You will also gain the flexibility and scope to stretch yourself, to innovate, to build new skills and to advance your career.

Please apply now. All correspondence will be held in strict confidence.

No employment agencies or international applications thank you.

Our mission is ‘To make the world accessible for all’.

We are passionate about ensuring that people with disability are given the same opportunity to access the built environment through universal design principles.

  • We deliver products and services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term.
  • We impart practical, useable knowledge rather than just theory.
  • We focus on co-operation and flexibility.
  • We are consistent in our actions so that our customers can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times.

This takes place in a culture that encourages contribution and has a strong commitment to supporting fulfilling careers. The strength of our company comes from the quality of our team. We offer our staff opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects both locally, interstate and overseas.

Do you:

  • Want to challenge yourself and be challenged?
  • Want to share knowledge and ideas?
  • Want the opportunity to work alongside industry experts?
  • Want to learn, strive and perform?
  • Want to put your hand up for career building opportunities?

If the answer is yes, give us a call.

We’re in search of committed and passionate candidates, excited to explore the opportunities that this industry offers.

The Equal Access Group will give you the opportunity to work on remarkable projects, amazing experience and training you’ll need to remain at the top of your game or to become a future leader of our business.

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