Ambulant Toilets and Lightweight Toilet Partitions

  • October 3, 2014
  • Bruce Bromley

Since the introduction of the premises standard we have included within our desktop assessments the following.

“Confirm proposed toilet partition can withstand a 1100N force as required by AS1428.1”

We have recently seen a number of projects when this issue as raised has not been addressed prior to ordering toilet partitions. Any deflection in the toilet partition will mean to ambulant toilet will be non compliant.

What does AS1428.1 say?

16.2 Grabrails
Grabrails shall be installed in accordance with Clause 17 and Figure 53(A).

Grabrails shall comply with the following:
(c) The fastenings and the materials and construction of grabrails shall be able to withstand a force of 1100 N applied at any position and in any direction without deformation or loosening or rotation of the fastenings or fittings.

Whilst 17(c) does not nominate partitions we would consider a partition that flexes on which a grabrails is installed also is not fit for purpose.

Video clip

This video is of a resin type toilet partition.

Whilst the following clip has taken a humorous approach, it should not distract from the serious nature of this issue.