AS1735 Part 15 Lfts as a deemed to satisfy Part 12 lift

  • August 4, 2010
  • Bruce Bromley

We have had 3 requests recently to sign off on a type of lift that a company is passing off to Architects as being BCA/Part 12 compliant. The key issue I have with these lifts is that they are constant pressure operation part 15 lifts with modifications (as opposed to the Part 14 type Masterlifts manufacture). Lifts travel between floors and have been specified within works associated with the BER.

The following is one of the manufacturers typical responses.

  • The lift platform is 1100mm wide x 1446mm long as per AS1735.12 and AS1735.15 Compliant
  • The lift car door can be adjusted to 90 deg only Compliant
  • Handrail height is 985mm from cabin floor level (required top height is non compliant by 25mm) dispensation required
  • There is a valid reason for this, if the handrail was set to the required height it will match the button height making it very difficult to press the buttons behind the handrail.
  • Handrail Diameter is 37mm compliant
  • Door clear opening is a minimum 1035mm Compliant
  • Door sensors, the lift was specified to have 1100mm high side walls the door sensors will be from 10mm from the platform floor to 915mm above detecting a 15mm rod to comply we needed a 75mm rod detected to a height of 1550mm as the walls of the lift are only 1100mm high this is not currently possible dispensation required
  • Car controls are to a height of 950mm above the car floor to both sides of the lift car Compliant
  • Door clear opening is a minimum 1035mm including door returns etc Compliant

In one case the lift has been installed and without sign off by an access consultant the Building Surveyor will not issue an Occupancy Permit.

It should be noted a Part 12 does not prevent the use of of constant pressure controls.

I have always refused to support this type and still do from a DDA perspective. My recommendations would be not to consider any “constant pressure switch” lift under any circumstance.