Changing Places toilets new information kit

  • November 14, 2013
  • Bruce Bromley

Changing Places Information Kit

The Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is a not-for-profit community based organisation that was established in 1980.

ACD works to improve the lives of children with a disability and their families by influencing public
policy and advancing worthy initiatives.

For too long we have seen families confronted by social isolation due to not having adequate toilet facilities that meet the needs of their children.

Some families in desperation to live a life outside of four walls, find themselves with no choice but to change their child on the cold floor of a public toilet. This option is unhygienic, undignified and presents health risks associated with heavy lifting (eg back injuries). Sitting in soiled clothing is the alternative but is undignified, unhealthy and often leads to urinary infection.

Can you imagine having to face such choices on a daily basis?

For these reasons, we seek to introduce Changing Places toilets to Australia.

We need changing places to go placesChanging Places Toilets are a real improvement on standard accessible toilets. Each Changing Places toilet provides: a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system, enough space and a safe and clean environment.

This Changing Places Information Kit provides key people such as architects, Councils, developers, designers and facility managers with all the information required to build a Changing Place toilet: plans, design specifications, security options and costings. The Kit also provides advocates, disability service providers, people with a disability and their families with: the rationale for Changing Places toilets and guidance on how to advocate for the installation of a Changing Places toilet in a local community.

The Changing Places concept was introduced successfully in the UK in 2006 with over 550 Changing Places toilets spread across the country. This has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, enabling them to be far more engaged in their own local communities.

How can changing places assistChanging Places was introduced to Australia in 2012 with the establishment of a consortium called ‘Changing Places Victoria’. The Consortium, lead by Maroondah City Council, developed an early relationship with Changing Places UK and set about developing designs for Changing Places toilets in Australia . These designs were presented at a Changing Places Conference initiated by Maroondah City Council in November 2012.

In developing the Kit, the Consortium received great assistance from many professionals.

I would particularly like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable assistance: Bruce Bromley and Lee Wilson (Equal Access), Helen Fearn-Wannan (Architecture and Access), Francesca Davenport (HSPC Disability Access Consultancy) and Jack Mulholland (Maroondah City Council). Jack’s role as Metro Access Coordinator is a position funded by the Victorian State Government’s Department of Human Services. ACD is indebted to both the State Government, Maroondah City Council and Jack for their respective support and leadership with the Changing Places project.

Changing places design specificationThe ACD will now lead the Consortium in the development of videos and a website for Changing Places and embark on expanding the project to a national level. If your organisation is interested in supporting this project, please contact ACD.

I trust you will find the Changing Places Information Kit to be a valuable and useful resource.

Elizabeth McGarry
Chief Executive Officer Association for Children with a Disability


Download Changing Places CAD Files

Download the Changing Places CAD files from the link below

Download the Changing Places information kit from the
Changing Places Website

The following link will allow you to download the Changing Places information kit. The kit includes;

  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Costings prepared by a quantity surveyor

Visit the Changing Places Website

 Click Here to visit the Changing Places Website

Changing places assisted toilets with hoists and change tables

Videos about Changing Places UK