Inclusive Fitness Initiative launches IFI Recognised Products UK

  • March 2, 2010
  • Bruce Bromley

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) has launched IFI Recognised Products. Fitness Equipment that meets the IFI Equipment Standards Stage 2 are awarded ‘IFI Accredited Item’ status, which is intended to provide the industry with an means of identifying exemplary products. The IFI hopes that this will enable fitness facilities to source and purchase inclusive fitness equipment.

The portfolio of IFI Recognised Products aims to help fitness facilities to improve their accessibility. Products that achieve a listing within the Recognised Products section of the IFI website will have to clearly demonstrate their suitability for both inclusion and the leisure environment. The IFI have developed criteria in collaboration with industry experts, disability organisations and disabled people to ensure that only the correct profile of products achieve a listing.

Christopher Forrest, IFI Recognised Products Coordinator said: ‘The levels of interest from suppliers, fitness facilities and disabled people has been huge, and we are developing the portfolio of products as quickly as possible to meet the generated demand.’

The portfolio of IFI Recognised Products will be available shortly through the IFI