AccessLatch & MagnaLatch

Making Child Safety Gates Accessible to Everyone

AccessLatch-and-MagnaLatch-mounted-on-child-safety-fenceAccessLatch is a simple to install, no power/battery solution that enables Child Safety Gate Locks to be opened with the use of an MLAK key by people in wheelchairs or that are of short stature. They work with the Magnalatch range of products, providing an alternate key-operated base unit that allows the gate to be opened from a lower height whist remaining child-safe and compliant with self-latching requirements.

NOTE: The AccessLatch does not change the normal use of a MagnaLatch, it simply provides an additional way of opening a gate for people with disability at an accessible-height without compromising child safety.

AccessLatch can be installed to gates at:

  • Preschools
  • Childcare centres
  • Community centres
  • Maternal child health centres
  • Swimming pools and aquatic centres and
  • Playgrounds

AccessLatch-with-MagnaLatch-Series-3-Mounting-Plate-Key-SideAccessLatch is operated with the use of an MLAK Key

If you are purchasing an AccessLatch for an existing MagnaLatch, please confirm the type prior to ordering

Access Latch is 100% Australian made, from high-quality glass-filled Nylon with a UV dampener and comes with a ten-year replacement warranty.

It has been designed to comply with AS 1428.1 (2009) – Design for access and mobility and AS 1926 – Safety barriers for swimming pools as there are no footholds for children’s feet.

The lock barrel is a standard PD barrel used for restricted access keys. The unit is keyed for an MLAK access key but can be rekeyed by a locksmith to meet other requirements.


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