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OK, You Need A Passenger Lift In A Small Building, But Which Type? Part 15 Or Part 16?

Type 15 lifts have a maximum of 4m travel, can be constant pressure controlled, Part 16 lifts can travel up to 12mMore

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Do lifts with constant pressure operation comply with BCA DTS requirements?

Lifts with constant pressure controls do not meet the DTS requirementsMore

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What are the circulation requirements for a lift with a 90° turn?

AS1428.1-2009, Clause 6.5.1 requires a space 1500mm x 1500mm for a 90 degree turn, though the internal corner can be splayed 500mm x 500mm.More

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What type of lift do I need?

What are the options now? Clause E3.6 of the Premises Standards and the BCA outline a number of passenger lift options. More

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  • Cynthia Ces

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Why ‘Wave to Open’ and ‘Wave to Lock’ Discriminate against People with Disability

  • May 2, 2024
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Raised Tactile And Braille Signage

  • November 10, 2023
  • Bruce Bromley

We are often asked to assess signage against the requirements of the Disability Access to Premise...

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