Disabled Carpark Cad Details

Accessible/ Disabled car parking spaces

Please find the following CAD details (dwg) of accessible (disabled) parking spaces in accordance with AS2890.6 Off-street parking for people with disabilities for designers to use at no charge.

NOTE: If files do not download correctly, right-click on them and select “Save Link As”

Right Hand Accessible Car Parking Space

Right Hand DIsabled Car Park

Download DWG CAD File Right Hand Disabled Car Park

Left Hand Accessible Car Parking Space

Left Hand Disabled Car Park

Download DWG CAD File Left Hand Disabled Car Park

Double Accessible Car Parking Spaces

Double Disabled Car Park

Download DWG CAD File Double Disabled Car Park

Parallel Accessible Car Parking Space

Parallel Disabled Car Park

Download DWG CAD File Parallel Disabled Car Park


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