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What are the requirements for Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables And Street Furniture?

AS1428.2:1992, Section 24.1.1 provides details that should be considered with any design of Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables And Street FurnitureMore

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How can access be improved with child safety fences at community facuilities for people with a disability or short statured?

ACLatch provides a unique solution to this problem. It operates with the Magnalatch range, providing an alternate base unit that includes a locked release. This then allows a secure release at a lower height, so the gate can be both child-safe and with access to anyone in a wheelchair.More

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How can I demand action for portable disabled toilets at events and festivals

Download the template letter requesting Toilet Providers make a change by providing fully compliant accessible toilets for events and festivalsMore

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What can I do to demand action for portable disabled toilets at events and festivals?

Demand action for providing Transportable Hire Disabled Toilets For Events & FestivalsMore

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Floor and storm water grates, how big can these openings can be to meet the AS 1428.1?

AS 1428.1 Clause 7.5 accepts that a grate may be used on a continuous accessible path of travel if circular openings are not greater than 13mm in diameter.More

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Will I need to provide an Accessible (disabled) toilets for my public event?

Most likely. It depends on each states requirements, however Councils usually enforce this as part of the permit requirement to hold public eventsMore

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