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How Big is an Accessible (Disabled) Toilet

One size does not fit all! One of the most common questions we get asked in our office is "how big or what is the size of a disabled toilet or shower"? or more correctly "how big are accessible toilets and showers"? This simple question, however, is not easily answered due to the number of variables that affect the overall size. The guiding legislation we use when designing an accessible toilet is Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009 Design for access and mobility – General requirements for access – New building work In determining the size of an accessible (disabled) toilet we have to consider WC location and required circulation Hand basin and required circulation Shower location and circulation Door type, location and required circulation.More

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Why Can’t I Have A Unisex Ambulant Toilet?

Not permitted under Clause F2.3(a) of the BCA. Note that depending on the situation consideration may be gievn to a ‘Performance Based’ approach to permit a Unisex Ambulant toilet inlieu of Separate Male & Female toilets. More

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Can An Accessible (Disabled) Toilet Be Used As An Ambulant Toilet?

No, the features/clearances between the toilets accomodate different user ranges Accessible toilet – Person who uses a mobility chair requiring clearances for tranfer on/off the Pan. Ambulant facility – Person who may be an amputee, Muscular Dystophy, rely on crutches. More

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What is the disabled toilet 1400mm exclusion zone?

The 1400mm exclusion zone caters for persons using a mobility chair to approach the Pan in their preferred way i.e. Front on, Diagonal or Side on. More

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What’s the difference between Accessible (Disabled) And Ambulant Toilets Within Childcare Centres?

Accessible toilet – Person who uses a mobility chair requiring clearances for tranfer on/off the Pan. Ambulant toilet – Person who may be an amputee, Muscular Dystophy, rely on crutches.More

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What is an Ambulant Toilet?

An ambulant toilet is provided for people with a disability who are capable of walking. It is similar to a standard toilet, however the cubicle door opens outwards and has larger easier to use door hardware, there must be a clear space of 900mm x 900mm both inside and outside the cubicle and there must be grab rails within the cubicle, located on each side of the toilet. A coat hook and the toiet paper dispenser must be located at the required height.More

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Can I use a Dyson hand dryer in an Accessible (disabled) toilet?

No, there is insufficient reach range for persons using a mobility chair to reach forward and insert their arms down into the air jets.More

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Are there compliant transportable hire Accessible (Disabled) Toilets for events & festivals?

To date we have not seen any that meet the requirements of AS 1428.1:2009.More

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