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The BCA requires a minimum level of luminance contrast (30%, 45% or 60%) to be achieved between certain building elements, as per Australian Standards AS 1428.1–2009 & AS/NZS 1428.4.1–2009. In order to determine the luminance contrast between two adjacent building elements, the luminance reflectance value (LRV) of each building element needs to be obtained first.

Should LRV data not be readily available from the supplier or manufacturer, Luminos Consulting is experienced with conducting tests to determine the LRV of products samples – be it on-site for in situ products, or within our laboratory.

Luminance Reflectance Value (LRV) Testing
as per AS 1428.1–2009 & AS/NZS 1428.4.1–2009

At Luminos Consulting, LRV testing of product samples is conducted with instrumentation that complies with the Australian Standards. LRV test reporting is also in accordance with Australian Standard methods.

Pricing varies by the number of product samples required to be tested, and by the location of the testing.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory LRV testing is as simple as sending your product samples to our office, and we will email the official ‘LRV Testing Report’ and ‘Test Certificate’.

  • 1 product sample = 1 LRV test $240*
  • Multiple product samples = Initial LRV test $240 for the first sample and $160 for every additional LRV test of product samples.*

* Quoted figures exclude GST

  For pricing of multiple samples please Contact Us for a no obligation quotation.

In-situ Testing

As above plus travel expenses. Price on application

LRV & Luminance Contrast Testing
as per AS 1428.1–2009 & AS/NZS 1428.4.1–2009

In addition to LRV testing of individual product samples, Luminos Consulting are also experienced with determining whether certain building elements can achieve the required luminance contrast to achieve compliance with the BCA and Australian Standards AS 1428.1–2009 & AS/NZS 1428.4.1–2009.

By carrying out luminance contrast calculations between two product samples, our consultants are able to assist Architects and Specifiers with determining the required LRV of the potential (unknown) product to achieve the relevant luminance contrast percentage with their selected (known) products.

Laboratory Testing

Undertake two LRV tests and prepare a luminance contrast report between these two samples:

  • LRV Tests $400
  • LC Report $240

* Quoted figures exclude GST

  For pricing of multiple samples please Contact Us for a no obligation quotation.

In-situ Testing

As above plus travel expenses. Price on application

Which test is best?

If you have samples then laboratory tests are best!

The best test to conduct is the laboratory test as it is conducted with a standardised light source of D65. This means that under a uniformed light source the samples are tested. Please note that these tests do not include ambient light and if your situation has high or low amounts of ambient light sources then the actual luminance contrast ratio will differ.

If you cannot get samples then an On-site test will need to be done!

On-site luminance contrast tests with a photometer include ambient lighting sources and their influence on contrast ratios. Please note that Luminos Consulting are able to conduct laboratory tests in an onsite location and it is advisable to do so coupled with the Photometer testing.


Where the above testing types nominate two surfaces, this covers as an example a floor finish and a tactile ground surface indicator, or it could include two separate surfaces i.e. two alternative tactile ground surface indicators or stair nosings.

Interstate/ regional testing

Regional and interstate testing can be undertaken by our consultants. Please provide a scope of works including required time frames, locations and number of tests at each location and we will provide a fully detailed no obligation quotation.

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