Disability Access Appraisals

How does an Access Appraisal differ from an Access Audit?

Disability Access Appraisals

An “Access Appraisal” is generally a simplified Access Audit. The same key elements are covered by the Access Appraisals, but the information represented is significantly less than traditional access audits.

Detailed Audits
Detailed audits will itemise non-compliances associated with very specific elements within a building and its surrounds. For example, Door #AD-02 had a clear width of 760mm, non-compliant door closer & opening force measured at 45N. The reports will include the following information for each individual element:

  • Access standard breached;
  • Specific Regulation/Clause contravened;
  • Description of non-compliance;
  • Description of recommended works to achieve compliance;
  • Prioritise of non-compliances identified;
  • Photographs of non-compliances identified; and

Relevant comments associated with the non-compliance (i.e. Reference number/area of each element, measurements taken on site, etc.)

Why we no longer offer Access Appraisals

From our years of experience, we have found access appraisals to provide a report that provides minimal assistance to clients due to the generalised way site conditions are audited and the resulting data provided.

Access Check Access Auditing Software

With the development of our customised auditing too, Access Check, we can produce a higher quality complete access audits in not much more time than an access appraisal would take. This industry-leading software exports reports with the following features;

  • Lists the specific building legislation in breach
  • Each area has its own unique photo for ease of reference
  • The non-compliance building legislation is referenced
  • Ability to sort and group on issues for ease of quantifying
  • Provides a clear list of issues that can be costed by a quantity surveyor
  • Multiple building spreadsheets can be combined to quantify across sites.
  • The report provides clients with the ability to add their own columns to schedule and manage works and
  • When the audit is completed onsite the report is also completed and can be issued.

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