Access Training

Disability Access & Awareness Training Courses, including DDA

Disability awareness and built environment trainingEqual Access Pty Ltd provides training sessions that cover a variety of disability-related topics. We have a number of specific training modules, but can tailor training sessions to suit your organisation thereby ensuring that the content has direct relevance to your attendees.

Our sessions cover general disability awareness training, as well as detailed technical workshops.

We usually deliver training at your own venue to allow organisations to cater for the needs of their staff and complement their budgets. However, if desired, we can also arrange your entire venue and catering needs.

Our price to deliver each session is based upon the time to prepare for the session, travel to the venue and deliver the session. Our fees are not based upon the number of attendees, so our sessions can be delivered to small targeted groups or within large auditoriums for the same price. Give us a call on 1300 994 890 to find out more.

What to expect?

  • Professionally run training sessions
  • Presenters are experienced disability access consultants
  • Information based on current access standards and best practice design guides
  • Practical approach and engagement with attendees
  • Clear and concise Power Point presentations (note that an electronic copy is provided to your organisation for distribution. If desired, printed material can also be arranged)

Who should attend?

Anyone involved within the design, construction, approval, maintenance or management of buildings – building owners, property developers, architects and designers, builders, building surveyors, engineers, town planners and property managers.

* Certificate of attendance provided for each participant, if required for CPD points.

Current access training sessions

Workshop 1

Application of the access standards for buildings

Workshop 2

Application of the access standards to the built environment

Workshop 3

Disability access legislation and awareness training

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